Trade Show • 2 - Four Sided Sales Booth

The Chaos:
Multiple summer outdoor festivals where they were selling lots of different items which needed to be protected against the weather, yet still visible to the potential customers.

With their original setup the customers always had to come inside the booth, which became very crowded at times.

The Control:  Using all four exterior sides of the tent as separate sales areas which could be shopped from outside the tent. 
Each side of the tent featured different items.

The storage bins are used as an additional surface to display books for sale in front of the table with jewelry.
[Right = >]

The small items for sale are up on a table next to a free standing clothing rack which allows the garments to be displayed on hangers.
[<= Left]

Long cloaks are hung from the lattice framework of the tent.
[<= Left]

Cloaks, games, grapevine wreaths and dreamcatchers are visible on the final side.
[Right =>]

The partially open side allowed customers to come inside the tent if they wanted to.  Thus, customers could look at the merchandise from either sides of the racks. 
Everything was under cover and exterior walls could be quickly added in the case of rain.  This allowed one person to keep track of the merchandise.  At full weekend events, the open interior space allowed the merchant to just put up the walls when closed with room to sleep on a cot in the tent.

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