My Philosophy on Chaos

Chaos is the natural state of the universe.
Chaos is not something that can ever be eliminated.
However, the amount of chaos in your life can be controlled.
How you react to chaos is something you can control.

When we can laugh at the chaos we can control it!
Tears are a sign of defeat. Let's laugh as we find solutions to your chaos.

Everyone has their own chaos.
Thus, the solution to controlling chaos needs to be individualized.

Organization is a learned skill!
Private lessons can help you change your organizational habits.

My Qualifications

My background is in Sociocultural Anthropology. I concentrated my studies on the American culture. I understand why we acquire things we do not need and why we have so much trouble getting rid of things we no longer use. My training guides me as I listen to what you say and hear what you mean when you talk with me about your problems with clutter. I have found that most Americans tend to have what I have named "Horizontal Surface Disease."

As a technical writer and project manager I have honed and refined my organizational skills. I have managed large scale multi-part projects for diverse clients.

Together, we will make great discoveries as we preform an archeological dig in your home or office. We will find long lost treasures, discover new uses for your old things, and develop the method that controls the chaos in your life. Let me share my love of life and laughter with you as you realize a happier, more organized life.

Everyone has sources of chaos in their lives.
My cats are major ones in mine.
I always have two cats at a time

as two generate plenty of chaos, and less than one cat.
Plus, littermates are always age appropriate playmates.

Polgara handed off her title to Gizmo
while Gadget sleep her way into Garath's.

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