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The Chaos: A senior show at Veterans Memorial where the convention staff had set up all the booths with tables across the front edge with standard white tablecloths, black skirting, and black, red, and white backdrops. There were several other travel agencies at this show. My challenge was to make Dream Escape Vacation stand out, attract seniors, and have a follow-up plan to actually create customers.

The Control: To attract potential customers posters, bright scarves, and a few inexpensive, colorful props were used to make this booth look and feel like a fun place to be.

A vertical filing bin allowed multiple brochures to be easily selected without covering the tables in paper. Other travel agents at this trade show only had brochures for various trips on the white tablecloth the trade show provided.

Being disabled, Kristi needed to be able to get in and out of her booth. Rearranging the tables allowed the space to invite interested seniors into the booth and allowed Kristi the access she needed. This also allowed more tables to be added to the booth and gave more surface area to put out brochures without the booth feeling crowded. Seniors could step into the booth and escape the crowded aisle while discussing a potential get away.

Information gathering sheets were prepared in advance so Kristi could just be herself while taking the notes she needed to follow-up with potential customers after the show.

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A chair was positioned to be available for potential customers to sit down and relax while they talked with Kristi and she filled in interest sheets. These allowed her to follow-up after the show.

Kristi loves to travel and is a disabled person. She offers the disabled traveler stress free vacations. If you would like to contact Kristi:

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This kind gentleman gave his permission to have his picture taken. He is thinking about taking a trip to Ireland.