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Dr. Warren dictated this referral
to me and signed it.

Doctors are notorious for their hard to read handwriting. Dr. Warren and I decided my hand printing would be easier to read. I print out what he wanted you to say and he signed it.

Just in case you can't read my printing I have typed a translation below.

_ _ To whom it may concern,
Tasia made a huge difference in my life. I was someone who used sticky notes for organization. I lost important papers frequently. When I did find my lost project it took an hour to find it.
_ _ I first got organized on a day planner and a desk Brian custom made for me.
_ _ Then I moved to a laptop computer.
_ _ Tasia has a sense of humor helping you to overcome your unorganized self.
_ _ But she keeps after you with a determination to get you organized.
_ _ She is very good at what she does and would make a real difference in your life.

Gary L. Warren