Publication • 1 - OSU Football Parking Escape Route

The Chaos: I volunteer to help park cars for OSU home football games at the South parking lot of Tuttle Park. Normally this parking lot is easy to use. The problem during home games are several streets in this area are closed down, you cannot turn left where you normally can and the streets that are open are one way. This causes some drivers to get very frustrated as they kept going in circles and ending up back where they started from.

The Control: After giving the directions to the same people multiple times I decided I needed to make a map for those who were not verbal learners. This map allowed drivers to know if they were supposed to be on a street or driving down an alley. It was complete with land marks noted in the written directions. This way everyone was able to actually go home after the game, instead of making wrong turns and ending back at point one on the map where I was standing, giving the directions.

This was a third page flyer.

I drove the route and took pictures at every corner to verify landmarks while writting these directions, as I walk to the parking lot on game days.

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