Kitchen • 2 - Just Moving In Total Chaos:
They just moved into a new apartment from a larger house.
Every meal is take out, instant boxed or elsewhere. Before a home cooked meal can happen, some control is needed.

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The new apartment had great storage space in the kitchen. The first questions were: What to keep? and Where to put it?
What to keep was determined by what they actually would use.
Open space allows everything to easily be pulled out for use and put back afterward. Jammed cupboards and drawers will just invite chaos to return.
Plastic silverware holds a drawer for silverware that has not been unpacked yet.
The cleaning cupboard has just a few things now, but plenty of space for additional supplies.
Having the dishes, pots and all the other kitchen stuff organized almost made a home cooked meal possible.

However, they still need a dining table to eat at.

I found them a great table at an affordable price.

The Pink Bags of Purging!
Going from a house to an apartment downsizing was needed.
This is just the first of many purges.