Kitchen • 1 - Cluster Clutter When I first walked into this house it looked like Better Homes and Gardens could do a shoot. Then I opened doors. Out of immediate site was a serious case of Cluster Clutter.

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Lots of storage space is not necessarily a good thing. Every cupboard was packed so full she couldn't safely pull out what she needed, if she could find it.

Jam is a method of preserving fruit, not storage.

These are not all of the packed cupboards and drawers - but a good representation of what was found.
The Vault of Lost Dishes:
This cupboard was very poorly designed. An entire cupboard worth of space was not really accessible. I had to climb almost completely inside it to rescue all the trapped dishes under the corner of the counter. There were things in here that she had completely forgotten she had and many she had replaced.
Pots, Pans, Baking Dishes and More:
However, can she find what she needs when she wants it? Absolutely not!
What Was in There?
Once all the dishes were pulled from just the three cupboard shown above the table was covered, the counter was gone and the kitchen floor was a mound of plastic. We discovered enough dishes, storage containers, pots, pans and baking dishes for at least three houses. These piles did not include any of the many stuffed drawers.
Getting rid of all the dishes she did not really like opened up so much space that she has my blessing to get a set of dishes she actually likes.
The mantra I stressed to her was

She did not need more, bigger, and better.

Resist the call of advertising.

Focus on “Do I have Enough?”

If the answer was honestly no, only then should she add a new item to her home.

Enough Plastic Storage Containers
much less than on the floor above.
The pots and pans she chose to keep fit neatly in one cupboard Any piece can easily be pulled out and everything has its own place to be put away.
Only a few things are stored in the vault now -the plastic storage pieces and the holiday and party dishes. The hidden section will be accessed through a new door on the table side of the counter.
Some storage spaces were not being used - under the stove works great for metal baking pans.
During the purge, we discovered enough dishes, storage containers, pots, pans, baking dishes, and utensils for at least three houses.

Disposal of the purged items was first to her family, her church and then to charity. These items will move on to were they will be used.

A family heirloom set of china will now be passed to another member of her family who will actually use it.

Since this kitchen is so rich in drawers, we were able to separate the utensils into kinds and give each a drawer. A drawer for lids makes finding a lid really easy and another drawer just for plastic bags and wraps.
The Junk Drawer:
Where to always find pencils & paper for lists, scissors and other tools you want in your kitchen that are not cooking tools.
<-- pictured left of of three