Home Office • 2 - Separation of Home & Office
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A very suscessful business with more than a bit of a paperwork problem.
Serious Horizontal Surface Disease:
From just a look at the desk you would not guess how serious the horizontal surface disease really was.

Every member of the family contributed to the piles in the office. This was her office, but also the family computer room and the access to a daughter's bedroom.

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Scanning to the right you discover first a second desk with the old computer and more paperwork.

Next is the floor beyond the second desk - another horizontal surface.
Turning further you discover an entire wall of overflowing bins.
To the left of her desk is the stairs to the daughter's bedroom and the floor, which are yet more tempting horizontal surfaces.
The Treatment:
We excavated her desktop, made effective use of her pigeon holes with labels to keep them from being messed up again.
The floor is now for walking, not stacking on.

These piles on the second desk were homework to be sorted at the end of a session.

When I came back, they were all sorted and we were able to finish off the office!

Once all the files are pulled off the old computer, it and the old desk will be off to charity. This horizontal surface will no longer be in the office to tempt anyone.