Home Office • 1 - Location, Location, Location
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The Chaos: Not knowing how to store the things she needed to run her business.
A beautiful home with a great home office.

The only problem was the stuff in the office was getting to be a bit much. She was thinking she needed a complete overhaul of her office with new furniture to solve this problem.

Absolutely everywhere in the office there were piles.
Every corner, tucken under the desk, on the desk...
The view from her office chair. How can she concentrate?
The Control
She actually had nearly all the right furniture, just not placed in effective locations.

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The desk is moved to the corner so she could focus on her work, plus natural lighting on her face can elevate her mood.

The bookcases are now against one wall for a reference library, while the lateral file is near the desk on the opposite wall.

Her relaxation, thinking chair is now in an office without the stress of clutter.

She does need to shop for a few additional lateral files to be able to file the pile of papers still to be sorted when I left.

The priority pile is in her chair so she will do it first.

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