Holiday Decoration • 1 - The Race Course
Two years at my house: Traditional & The Race Course
A few fake pumpkins inside the window plugged in.
A sheet tied over the railing made an instant ghost.
In the door is a window cling mummy.
Yes, my house number has been deliberately blurred.
The Race Course:
Getting creative without spending a fortune.

The little aliens were racing the witch. Unfortunately, this was the scene of an accident. The witch cut the corner too short.

Bones and the Ogress were the judges. The large alien was rooting for the little aliens.
Just before the accident even happened, the giant spider and the goblin took out several of the contestants.

With the exception of the crashed witch, all of these decorations fit in one 20 gallon tub.

Mr. pumpkin witnessed the entire event and froze in shock while his cat just sat by his side and ignored the entire spectacle.

We also love to take pictures of the trick-or-treaters. Each year we pick our favorite.

However, since we do not have permission, we can not have those pictures here.

Instead, you get Polgara and Garath in their Halloween picture from that year. Even our cats like to see all the children's creative costumes.

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