Bathroom • 1 - A Hostage Situation

The Chaos: 
On first glance this bathroom doesn’t look like it has much of a problem.  Once you open anything, you see the problem.  This is a great bathroom with his and hers sinks.  Complete with his and her cupboards of chaos. 

The medicine cabinet and linen closet were in the same state.  They held hostage what they were supposed to store!  To get anything you had to negotiate the piles.
The Control:
Adding structure to the cupboards solved the pile within.  Now they can just pull out the bin with the type of item they are looking for.  When done these are easily closed and put away. 
The medicine cabinet is pared down as all the items that had drifted to this, oh, so convenient, location now have an actual location they belong in.

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In the linen closet a few easily pulled baskets were added so small items could be stored on the wire shelves.