Basement • 4 - Re-Crafting Sprawl to Accessibility

The Chaos:
Going down the stairs you could already see the problem.  The craft supplies had sprawled throughout the basement. Even the utility closet had been pressed into storage. She had the items to do crafting, however, the sprawl took up all the space to do the projects.  Plus, the family wanted to use the basement for more than just craft projects.

The Control:
All of the craft materials are now stored in the great cupboard she already had. 
The pegboard is now accessible and can be used easily.

A new workout area is already set up and there is lots of open space for the family to do things together in. 
The stairs are completely clear which will make putting some furniture down here easy.
The utility closet still has some items stored in it, however, they are tucked to the side and the fuse panel is accessible.  Plus, the folding table is tucked away when not in use to keep things from piling on it again. 

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