Basement • 2 - Enacting New Zoning Laws
The Chaos:
Even coming down the stairs things could easily be seen in this basement. The problem was getting to the items.

Everything in this basement was on the floor. The basement floor was one big shelf. There really was not all that much stuff in here. However, because it was all spread out, it felt like so much more.

The Control:
Almost nothing was removed from this basement. By enacting new zoning laws the stuff was separated into functional areas. The pantry shelf they already had is now right at the bottom of the stairs. By relocating the toolbench next to the pantry shelves it is now completely accessible. The exercise equipment is set up and ready for use.
The final solution for this basement is to build some shelving. The options were to buy shelves premade or buy the materials. The homeowners had no problems putting things together with clear instructions. They had hand tools. Thus, I designed shelves the homeowners could build without having to cut the materials on site. All they do was the assembly which took a drill, a drill bit, a screwdriver bit, and a level. What I designed used precut OSB or MDF and 2x4s. Fot the shorter lengths I had them check the cull bin to keep costs down.

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