Basement • 1 - It's Down Here Somewhere...

The Chaos:
They had a lovely dry basement with great storage shelves.
The problem was the piles of unsorted stuff that had never actually been put on the shelves.

Hidden in this basement were many thing the family would use if they could only find them. Some items could be seen, yet not used - like the yellow exercise bike. Also hiding down here were two more pieces of exercise equiment that they would like to be able to actually use if they could get to them.

The Control:
Once all the unwanted items were removed everything the family kept actually fits onto the shelves they already had in the basement.
Now the family can easily find anything they need in the basement.

There was even room to set up an exercise area with all three pieces of rediscovered equipment.

All of their Christmas decorations are now ready for when they will be needed.

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