Equestrian Regalia are Heraldic Banners on a truly impressive scale.  The appliqué and embroidery was done for adjustable medieval horse barding made by Amy Hanson, of Misc. Etcetera. For an idea of the size, think a horse large enough to carry a knight in full armor.

This was created for the Middle Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism

Since there are two sides to a horse, each banner had to be done twice! Look carefuly and you can see the slight difference in the two sides.

For the King of the Middle Kingdom:

For the Queen of the Middle Kingdom:

Details of the needlework on the Queen's Equestrian Regalia:

Wreath of Roses and Crown
Proper Heraldic Rose

A closer looks at the dragon from the first side of the Queen's:

Once Amy returns from Pennsic War, I will have pictures of the barding on a horse.

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