The corset is one of my favorite items, and one of the most important to fit to the individual. A corset which fits is comfortable to wear for long periods. I find it also helps greatly with my asthma and prevents back pain.

There are endless possibilities with corsets: the style, the materials, the purpose you wear it. Please contact me to help you determine a design and materials that appeal to your needs and desires.

I can make a custom corset which will fit you, or I can make you a pattern and you can make the corset.

A studio visit is REQUIRED for any corset order.

Reasearch Fee - for all custom design items $50

Patterning - $150 + above fees (total to this point is $200) Translations of researched design to your body.

Pattern Rendered - $100 + above fees (total to this point is $300) Paper pattern which will fit you and allow your corset to be sewn.

Corset Made - starting at $300 + above fees (total to thia point is $600) Actual construction of the corset.

The material the corset is made of will incure additional fees. Some examples of these fees are Ribbon Edging starts at $20 additional, Stretchy napped fabric starts at $45 addtitional, Satin / smooth slippery fabric starts at $75 additional, Leather starts at $250 additional, Vevet starts at $300 additional

Please contact Tasia with your design ideas to get specific pricing.

Basic Corsets are made of cotton twill with 10 panels (5 per side), a busk front closure and laced back.

All corset have my embroidered signature:

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